Start Accepting Credit Cards 
No Application Fees!


Is your business considered High Risk?  Let us help. 

High Risk Merchant Services:

- Rates As Low as 2.95%** 
- Quick Approval 24-48 hours*
- Bad Credit or TMF Welcome
- No Application Fees
- Offshore/Domestic Banks
- Secure Gateway
- Accept Checks/ACH
- High Approvals 94+%*
- Apply Today!

* Underwriting guidlines and requirements may exceded this time period.  Final approval is made by the underwriting banks.  Account placement and acceptance is NOT guranteed or implied in anyway. 
** Per Transaction For Qualified Card Present swipe retail accounts..  Various factors man greatly impact rates.  Such as industry, past credit or processing history and volume.  Does not include Gateway Fees or Per Transaction and Assesment fees. During normal underwriting business hours 9am EST - 5pm EST.

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